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Fair - 2021 ompetition pieces

Black - An assortment of all kinds of things in classic black.

Bold statement pieces

Awareness - Features not just pink ribbons!.

Baroque - A traditional tatting pattern reinvented as earrings, in an array of colors of course

Some of my most popular designs are collected here on the best sellers page.

Big - Extra large earrings, but still lightweight!

Black and White - elegant and casual fashions

Blue earrings - just shades of blue.

Bracelets - a very "handy" page

Anklets - put your best foot forward

Celtic Assorted color combinations in a somewhat Celtic style.

Critters - assorted animals appear here

Dresden Plates - a design based on a quilt pattern block.

Doilies - not your grandmother's doilies. Except by request, no white or ecru here.

Christmas - Christmas color earrings, doilies and snowflake ornaments

Victorian Christmas - a toned down, but festive palette for all the fall holidays

Halloween - lots of black and orange, spiders, bats and skulls

St. Patrick's Day - cute little polymer shamrocks are quite prominent.

Fourth of July - Yes, red, white, blue are here.

Easter - Colorful crosses, Easter earrings

Holiday Items - Links to all the different holiday pages.

Nova Collection - A stellar explosion of color and crystal.

Fall color earrings - mostly neutral or natural colors

Music - This is a noteworthy page.

Flowers A beautiful bouquet ready to pick.

Green earrings - just shades of green

Lady - one elegant necklace design repeated in lots of colors

Necklaces - a huge variety of designs, colors, beads ...

Neon - a rainbow of very bright polymer clay beads, all on black thread

New - see some of the latest creations in any category

Yellow and Orange - Everything yellow and/or orange.

Orejas - a new design that vaguely resembles little ears.

NCAA - Necklaces, pendants and Christmas ornaments which incorporate officially licensed university NCAA charms.

NFL - Necklaces, pendants and Christmas ornaments which incorporate officially licensed NFL charms.

NHL - Necklaces, pendants and Christmas ornaments which incorporate officially licensed NHL charms.

MLB - Necklaces, pendants and Christmas ornaments which incorporate officially licensed MLB charms.

Pendants - All pendants come with a coordinating ribbon.

Periwinkle - Pantone's color for 2022.

Pink - Think Pink!, just like the panther.

Polymer - I have been experimenting with making polymer clay beads to combine with thread.

Poppy - A field of poppies (pins or hair clips).

Purple - in all its glory.

Purple and black - a lovely combination.

Rainforest - Designs and polymer beads inspired by a hike through a Costa Rican rainforest

Red - just shades of red & garnet

Shades of Spring Pastels, flowers, butterflies - all things I associate with new life starting after a cold winter.

Crochet!! Yes, I do more than just tat.

SHOWS - see everything!

Schedule - Come see this work in person.

Tiaras - lots of colors, some elegant and some more whimsical

VA Tech - Maroon & orange. Yep, I'm a Hokie & proud of it.

Wedding - White & ivory, pearls and crystal a theme

Whimsey - fun frogs and butterflies, my own original designs

Pets It's raining cats and dogs in here.

Waterlily - colors inspired by Monet

WBS - Celebrating the Washington Balalaika Society.

Artist - This page really is all about me.

Info - General information, shipping, etc.
The color numbers I use throughout this site are the the DMC or Lizbeth brands color numbers. While I am using a different style of DMC thread (Cebelia), the colors are the same as the DMC embroidery floss found in almost any craft store and many other stores. Any earring can be mounted on any other finding you see, including clip ons, so please let me know if you want to switch. Hypoallergenic (niobium or titantium) wires are available. Necklace clasps may also be interchanged, or even switched to buttons or ribbons to accomodate those with allergies to metals.
Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.

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