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Alexandrite Lady $49.00
Length: 16"
Swarovski crystals &
Czech glass drops
Colors: lavender DMC #210 and light blue #800

hypoallergenic titanium wires

Lady-in-Emerald $49
Length 16"

surgical steel hook

Lady-in-Peach $49
Length 15.75"

gold plated surgical steel hook

Lady-in-Delft $49
Length 16.25"

silver plated surgical steel hook

Lady-in-Yellow $49
Length 16.5"

surgical steel hooks

Lady in Garnet $49
Length 16"

surgical steel hooks

Lady-in-Royal $49
Length 18"

surgical steel hooks

Lady in Lime $49
Length 16.25"

surgical steel hooks

Lady in Red Bracelet $33
Length 7"

Lady in Royal Bracelet $33
Length 6.5"

Lady in Gold $49

Lady in Gold center view
Length 16"
features double plated arum Swarovski crystals
instead of clear on cheerful yellow thread

Lady in Delft Bracelet $33
Length 7"

Lady in Yellow Bracelet $33
Length 6.25"
magnetic clasp
Color: bright yellow #743

Lady in Mint Bracelet $33
Length 7"

All necklaces can have matching earrings. If you don't see them already or would like a different style, just ask. Also, while I have chosen clasps that I happen to think accent the work, your taste may differ from mine. Please let me know the combination you prefer and I will custom make your jewelry.

Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.
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