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All pendants are shipped with a coordinating ribbon to wear immediately.

Celtic Dragon Pendant $20.00
Two shades of green thread accented with gold seed beads, Swarovski crystal shamrocks and a gold color dragon charm suspended from a fine gold plated chain.

Kelp Forest Pendant $15.00
An antique gold color heart frame is jazzed up with light and medium green lace, white beads and a polymer teardrop I made in colors reminiscent of an underwater kelp forest.

Greyhound Triangle Pendant $20.00
Black tatted lace backs up an antique copper greyhound charm.

Black and Garnet "Y" Pendant $30.00
Swarovski crystals sparkle below the black and garnet lace.

Turquoise and green thread
accented with Swarovski crystals
Blue butterfly pendant

Burgundy and bright yellow thread
accented with a Czech glass drop
Burgundy and Golden Yellow pendant

Gold Bar Pendant $23.00
An antique gold color bar with an embedded crystal accented with gold thread and Swarovski crystals in clear, gold and the largest have the AB finish.

Butterfly Love Pendant $13.00
Antique gold color butterfly accented with green lace and an iris green heart.
The color numbers I use are the the DMC color numbers. While I am using a different style of DMC thread (Cebelia), the colors are the same as the DMC embroidery floss found in almost any craft store and many other stores.

While these pendants are available as you see them, to make it easier to create custom jewelry exactly the way you want, just mix and match elements by refering to the inventory numbers in the captions from any page. The first number is the DMC color number and the second number is unique to that pendant's color and bead combination. Also, I can work from fabric swatches to make the perfect compliment to any outfit.

Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.