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surgical steel wires
Bright red berry w/green leaves
length: 1"/2.5cm

A lighthearted version of the coronavirus
surgical steel wires wires
Color: gray with red beads
length: 1.3"/3.5cm

hypoallergenic wires
Color: white, orange seed bead "carrot"
length: 1.5"/3.5cm

Solar Earrings
Specially designed for a solar physicist!
Features flares, sunspots and coronal arches.
Science meets art.
length: 1.25"/3cm

surgical steel wires
blue thread
2020 graduation cap
length: 1.25"/3cm

Grape color lace
Silver color squid
length: 1.5"/4cm
More earrings with fun charms are on the critters page.

surgical steel wires
White lace
silver color ice skate charms
Length: 1.5"/4cm

Halloween Tiara
Charms can be removed/replaced as desired
Headband is 15 inches and open in the back/flexible to fit almost anyone

$49 Round Victorian Christmas doily
Diameter: 5.75"/14.5cm
Thread colors: 676L (Lizbeth Leaf Green Dark),
DMC 816 (garnet) and 181L (Lizbeth Cranberry Bush)

duckling earrings
bright yellow and fluffy
surgical steel wires
length: 1.25"/3cm; width: 1.5"/4cm

green hypoallergenic niobium wires
Color: Christmas green
Eyes: glow in the dark seed beads
Jade green teardrop body
length: .8"/2cm

teal hypoallergenic niobium wires
Colors: lighly variegated hand dyed aqua
and electric blue
glow in the dark seed bead eyes
aqua/white glass teardrop body
length: .8"/2cm

surgical steel hooks
Color: bright yellow
Silver color sewing machine charms
length: 1.25"/3cm

cute little barnyard pigs
surgical steel wires
length: 1"/2.5cm, width: 1.5"/4cm
Color: pink

surgical steel hooks
green thread
greyhound charms
length: 2.5"/6.5cm

Fun little gray sheep
other colors on the critters page
surgical steel wires
length 1"/2.5cm long; 1.5"/4cm wide

Ward off the Evil Eye
with with these earrings.
Hypoallergenic wires
length: 1"/2.5cm; width: 1.5"/3cm

surgical steel wires
teal blue thread
Swarovski crystals & aqua/white swirl drops
length: 2.25"/5.5cm

I'm working on complete
football neutrality.
Click here to see the results.

Mardi Gras Fleur-de-lis earrings $27
locking leverback hooks
Colors: bright yellow, kelly green, intense purple
Sunny yellow Swarovski crystal in the center
length: 1.5"/4cm

The color numbers I use are the the DMC and Lizbeth color numbers. While I am using a different style of DMC thread (Cebelia), the colors are the same as the DMC embroidery floss found in almost any craft store and many other stores. Any earring can be mounted on any other finding you see, including clip ons and posts, so please let me know if you want to switch. Feel free to contact me for even more custom options. Also, I can work from fabric swatches to make the perfect complement to any outfit.

While all of these earrings are available as you see them, to make it easier to create custom earrings exactly the way you want, just mix and match elements by referring to the inventory numbers in the caption. The first number is the thread color number, the letters indicate the pattern of tatting and the last number is unique to that earring's color and bead combination.

Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.

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