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Tongass $29
Polymer clay "rainforest" beads
Length 11"
Color dark brown, DMC #938
inspired by thoughts of Alaska's Tongass National Forest

Creepy Crawler anklet $27
Sterling Silver spider & hook
Length 9"
For more like this, see the Halloween page.

Yellow Drops $27
Length 10.25"
Colors: garnet red #816 and bright yellow #743

Fiesta $27
Length 10"
color: Black

Anklet "Poppy"
Length 9"
Color: red #666

Got Milk $23
Length 9.5"
color: royal blue #820

Oriole $23.50
Length 10"
color: black

White Orchid $23
Length 10"
color white

Gothic Charm $24
color: black
Length 10"

Raven Pride $29
Purple enameled star
Length 11"
color: black

Spring $24
Czech glass
Length 10.25"
color: mint green #955

All bracelets and anklets can have matching earrings. If you don't see them already on a different page or would like a different style, just ask. Also, while I have chosen clasps that I happen to think accent the work, your taste may differ from mine. Please let me know the combination you prefer and I will custom make your jewelry. The color numbers I use are the the DMC color numbers. While I am using a different style of DMC thread (Cebelia), the colors are the same as the DMC embroidery floss found in almost any craft store and many other stores.

Also, please feel free to request a specific length or a different clasp. Just allow an extra couple of days for me to make it.

Pictures of some of the various clasps I have on hand are on the necklaces page. However, I love to shop so feel free to ask what is new.

Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.
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