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This page is a sample of what I can do to coordinate with the jewelry you already have. A friend brought me a necklace that she really likes but she doesn't have earrings to go with it. Here is how I started our design "conversation." She made her decision, but if you want to guess for yourself which ones she chose, don't scroll to the very bottom yet. If you do, you'll see the answer. If these designs happen to meet your needs too, well, please feel free to click the "add to cart button" for yourself.

This is her necklace.

Hypoallergenic titanium wires, pearlescent polymer clay and matte silver/gray delicia seed beads pick up the basic color and shape of the pearls.

Hypoallergenic titanium wires, peach Swarovski cubes and silver/gray seed beads continue the peach and gray theme of the necklace.

Surgical steel wires for a change, and now the thread is the only reference to the peach pearls. Seed beads are the reference to the marcasite here.

Back to hypoallergenic titanium wires, but straying from the pearl look we have spacer disks inset with Swarovski crystals and tiny peach Czech glass drops.

I stuck with the hypoallergenic titanium wires,
but this time the pearlescent polymer clay picks up on the striations of the focal stone. The tiny Swarovski crystals refer back to the marcasite frame around the focal stone.

Hypoallergenic titanium wires, but a wildly different look for me, since there is NO TATTING involved. However, as I was playing with the clay this idea popped into my head. The beads didn't really seem to work with the thread so in this pair, wire connects the polymer clay beads and Swarovski crystals.
(peach polymer frames)
The color numbers I use are the the DMC color numbers. While I am using a different style of DMC thread (Cebelia), the colors are the same as the DMC embroidery floss found in almost any craft store and many other stores. Any earring can be mounted on any other finding you see, including clip ons, so please let me know if you want to switch. Sterling silver posts or wires are $2 extra.

While all of these earrrings are available as you see them, to make it easier to create custom earrings exactly the way you want, just mix and match elements by refering to the inventory numbers in the caption. The first number is the DMC color number, the letters indicate the pattern of tatting and the last number is unique to that earring's color and bead combination. Also, I can work from fabric swatches to make the perfect compliment to any outfit.

Want to see more?  Come to a show!  Check my schedule or drop me a note.

Answer: She picked out the last two pairs.